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Mission 5. Prince just pancakes into the ocean

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After fighting with Prince, and doing 2 Aim9 hits, and 2 gun hits, and then me calling Joker, Prince just does a strange maneuver where he stays in full burner, at stall speed (around 100kts) and keeps this position until he pancakes into the ocean. 


After the Joker call, Prince will say he's going to climb, and maintain 250 kts or so, but he still remains an enemy fighter (red aircraft on SA), not sure if this is intentional.


Edit: Tried again. This time I got him with guns until he called out Joker himself. Again he claims he will climb, but again he did the same maneuver where he slowly goes into a stall-burner config, and descends slowly.


Not sure how to get past this mission?



edit2: seems like it finally worked, somehow. Prince again did his "falling leaf while afterburning" thing, but at 3,000 feet he suddenly leveled off, gained speed, and then finally changed back into a blue aircraft 15,000 feet higher. Not sure what causes this strange behavior 

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Had this happen several times, in different ways. The transition from him going from red to blue seems to be buggy, which makes sense to me. I'm sure the game doesn't expect this kind of thing and has limitations in the mission creator. I suggest you have instructions after BFM on screen that tells you to just fly to the next waypoint and then prince will be waiting for you to rejoin. That would probably be clear to the player. He can respawn as blue in front of you. 

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On 8/31/2021 at 3:21 PM, Razor18 said:

Not flight model related, rather AI related. You need to always climb after disengaging the mock fight, otherwise he will Split-S into the ocean.

I did do that. I watched him on F2 while I was flying high. It was like he was trying to point his aircraft where he wanted to go, but bleeding off all his airspeed doing it. He didn't just split-s into the sea, he was stalling for many minutes into the sea.

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I encountered exactly the same issue, after the dogfighter with Prince (joker declared), Prince struggled to gain speed, with afterburner on but only about 100 kts and at low altitude (below 5k ft). Although after a long haul, he managed to speed up and climbed to 20k ft, but my fuel wasn't enough to complete the mission. 


What I worked around this issue was when I did dogfight with Prince, I remained at about 20k ft, so when I declared joker, he was already in high altitude and easily gained speed and this expedited the process so I could enter Iran with enough fuel.  

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