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Airbase, new scripting function getRunways for Airbase DCS object

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I saw a new function getRunways for Airbase object in DCS Scripting function, without documentation.


This function returns a indexed table started at 1 for each runway of an Airbase with course, center of runway, length and width. course value seems strange because to have the good heading, you must set heading = - course (in rad). The last value is Name strange too.


But, you can now define a rectangle for each runway of an airbase. I tested it on Caucasus and Nevada (Nellis) and it's correct 😉


Hope that we can have soon ILS, for each side when existing.


Pretty cool thanks.





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Yeah it was returning nothing for a few patches so I never documented it. Since it is working now I add a page for it. 

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Great stuff! So far I had to use the runway spawn points to get the directions. But with multiple runways the order of the spawn points was a bit random so it always required a bit adjustment by hand to get it all right.


Now what would be the icing on the cake would be an entry in the returned table that tells us, which runway is the active one 🙂

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Hello all. what is the logic regarding defaut activ runway, i used to think first in list returned by getRunways  is defaut except if wind is >3m/s then atc will use reverse RWY in some case. but what is the rule regarding two parallel RWY like Andersen, or Nellis ?   is there a way to know defaut Take Off one, from defaut Landing One regarding order in getRunway, ?



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