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IR suppressors description entry?


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Have the file, but can't get the description.lua line for the game to recognize.  Anyone know what it is?


This does not work:


-- IR Suppressors
    {"mi-24p_evu", 0, "355_mi-24p_evu", false};
    {"mi-24p_evu", 1, "mi-24p_evu_NRM", true};
    {"mi-24p_evu", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "mi-24p_evu_RoughMet", true};

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under the last} the following entry must be in the description.lua so that the IR suppressors can be seen.


custom_args =
    [457] = 1.0, -- 0 = EVU off / 1 = EVU on

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Posted (edited)

Thanks, that works for making them show up, but the paint still isn't applied to the shape.  It's like it can't see the .dds I'm using for the evu.  


I've tried using DIFFUSE, NORMAL_MAP instead of 0, 1 respectively as well which doesn't work.  I've seen some other's liveries and looked at their description.lua and as far as I can tell mine is calling it identically.


Also tried saving the dds as BC2 instead of BC7 to no avail.  


Any other ideas are appreciated ~


Disregard...I need glasses.  Thanks for the help ~


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