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Great to have Bunyap back as our teacher!


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Just started my training on the P-47 Thunderbolt last night.  Immediately recognized Bunyap's voice during the first Overview tutorial mission.  Brought a huge grin to my face, as I'd depended on his YouTube videos to introduce me to the Bf 109 K-4, MiG-21 and Viggen "back in the day".  I'd missed having his videos as new aircraft came out, not realizing he was now helping ED with actual Training voiceovers.  


Really appreciate the thoroughness of these Training missions.  The careful overview of systems, the general orientation to the cockpit, then the detailed startup and taxiing procedures.  As always, Bunyap conveys the attitude of "this is information, use what you find most helpful for your own technique". Felt just like the old YouTube videos, but now with interactive steps.  



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