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1 track, 2 bugs: f-18 AI crashing while attacking a helicopter, and the helicopter wasting all its flares for an already deafeated fox 2

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So, 2 bugs in this one:

- the f-18 AI attacks the helo with a Aim-9L, but a few kilometers away it decides to go almost straight to the ground, then launch its missile and tries to recover, but too late and takes a tree in the face.

- the helicopter launches flares against the Aim-9L and defeats it, but it keeps wasting all its flares as long as the missille is in the air. It's a bug for all helos and planes AI: the continue to flare, even when the missile is defeated, so they run out of flares very, very quickly for nothing... I guess there is no closure rate check, and the code is something like "IR missile in the surroundings = flares"


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AI is completely bugged recently,

can't refuel, can't fight, can't fly.

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