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Mission 20 can't see a thing

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Just trying mission 20. Once I turn into the target I can't see anything due to sunstrike and cloud. Even at treetop height I'm in cloud. I've tried blindly dropping the bombs but then trying to turn around in that valley just isn't an option for me at the moment, all I can do is go straight up.


I've looked at a youtube video of 3.0 and the weather looks totally different, they have lightning, I don't, they have rain, I just have solid cloud, they can see and have room to move, I'm basically flying in fog at treetop height.


Any ideas?

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See picture, excuse the poor quality, used a phone. But thats about 5600ft and with target elevation of approx 6000ft there's not a whole lot of room to make an attack.


End result: Got hit on the way into the target but managed to hit it by bombing the waypoint symbol in the HUD. Couldn't see the hills to turn around so did an Immelmann back onto the target in IMC, intending to just fire rockets through the fog at the waypoint symbol, took more hits.


For your entertainment:

Lost No 1 Engine, lost TAD information, lost targeting information, lost countermeasures, lost both altimeters and HUD airspeed. Launched rockets anyway but probably missed. Somehow managed to fly limited panel and get clear of the weather using VSI, standby compass and airspeed, began to make my way back to base...shot down by SAM a few minutes later (heartbreaking, I was so chuffed to have survived all those failures and still destroy the target)...now I have to try again. At this point I'm contemplating loading up with JDAMs taking my chances against the SAMs.



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I'm stuck on this mission to. I tried CCRP but the waypoint isn't really over the true target. I think I'll try getting real low and do a CCIP dive.


I have already completed the campaign once before though (in the non-Type II A-10) and I vaguely remember this being tricky before...but not this hard.

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There are a lot of clouds in the missions, but on this one it’s just too much. It’s like being in a submarine. There is definitely a problem(could be that rain rendering issue or so), even landing at the end, I used TACAN and ILS but saw the runway by total luck and landed.

My advice until it is fixed: immortal and go to 20’000 feet. Change the elevation of the target waypoint and start bombing B-52 style. Advice for landing: TACAN+ILS and a lot of luck.

But beside this, great campaign. I learned a lot on the A-10C. I will definitely buy again from baltic_dragon! 

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Hi all,

I got the same issue, it is impossible to go low with the current weather conditions. Flanky83's suggestion is a creative shortcut but I really would like to see realistic weather conditions that suits the mission.

I fly VR, are there any pilots who were able to finish this mission the correct way?

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