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Dear Eagle Dynamics,


is it pland, that FARPS, TENTS, TRUCKS, TANKS, ... get new skins for presets in the DCS-Editor?


As a Missionplaner an Missionmaker i miss following TENT-SKINS:

- Desert camo

- Desert camo with medic cross

- Desert camo with numbers (01, 02, 03, 04, ...)

- Green camo with medic cross

- Green camo with numbers (01, 02, 03, 04, ...)

- White with Medic cross

- White with blue UN

- White with numbers (01, 02, 03, 04, ...)

- Tents for Insurgents


Different Tents with different sizes.

TENTS as Units not as Building to get it in a group for better handling with Triggers.


I miss wounded and civil Units at all.

You have no civil units to embarc or for Missions like "Avoid civil victims"


I miss single Helipads with medic cross.

I miss TRUCKS and TANKS with white color and blue UN signs.

I miss Medic-Trucks at all.

I miss JATAC-Infantery-Unit with Laser, Smoke and IR.

I know you can get this with mods, but this has to be in DCS without mods, i think.

If you want to make good and realistic HELI-Missions this is absolutly necessary.

Cause than yo can say: "Embarc troop from Marker and bring it to Farp XXX to the Tent number 01"

Or yo can say:" Embarc the wounded and bring them to the Medic-Tent.

Smoke as marker is unrealistic big an Flags ar not good to see.


I know, making skins for PLANES, HELICOPTERS, TANKS, ... is hard work and costs a while, but I think, making skins for TENTS and bring them in DCS (basic) without mod is a work of 20 Hours or less.


I know this is primarily for Heli Pilots/Player who want to make realistic Missions but it is worth it. 


So is this planed? How long will it take? If not, Why?


Thank you.



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