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Talking about eye candy, warning pic included

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Nice, is that photo taken in the desert? Just the colour of that moisture looks like its got sand in it.


Hope it's not sand, or the engine mechanics will be angry. :lol:


It's the sunrays making a little rainbow in the condensation, one in a million pic. Saved!

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found this snippet about this pic :



A Tornado fighter bomber pulls up, while moving at high speed, causing

a stall (a transient high-speed stall). The drop in air pressure

around the wings causes the moisture in the air to condense and, in

effect, form instant clouds. Jet fighters breaking the sound barrier,

particularly when over water, often cause the same effect. In the case

of the Tornado, the condition is enhanced by the swing wings

automatically moving to adjust for the stall condition. "

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No matter what, it looks cool. Would be cool also if we would be able to have this type of effect inside the sim. I aint complaining. Im in Luv with this sim. 8)


How about those bending wings when pulling G. Now that would be cool 8)

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