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Logitech Heavy equipment Side Panel using the 1-10 keys to change views not working

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Picked up the Logitech Heavy equipment Side Panel to use as a TGP/extra view button box. I'm having issues binding the DCS>General> F1-F12 view keys.

I'm trying to map the top rows of the Side Panel, buttons 1-10 to the DCS>General>f1-f10 keys. In game it will let me add them, but they do nothing. All of the other things I've mapped work fine. Does DCS force you to use the keyboard for the F keys?  My Ui layer and my Ns-430 both have nothing bound. Ive double checked to make sure there is nothing else bound to the Logi Side panel. 


Solved, I didn't see I had to map the view in each plane. 


Thanks in advance(reddit) for the help. 


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That's quite a piece of hardware, could you use that as a flight stick for a WWII aircraft where you may not want all the extra HOTUS features?

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