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DCS RAFALE Module into DCS


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Hi All  !


With Typhoon coming into DCS ,  we are looking for International support for a petition to Send to Dassault Company  ( we Want an Official Rafale Module into DCS )  .

Engage with us to propose to Dassault to develop or with their agreement to have this Rafale developed, as an official Module, with the limitations they will impose on us. Standard, on-board weapons, sensors, Radar, DCS is widely open and allows systems to be simulated without disclosing any confidential information.
"A beautiful plane is a plane that flies well" said Marcel Dassault, so let's let it take off in DCS '.
Let's see how much we are really waiting for this Module. even a Standard F2 would suit us;)
Join us, and show Dassault that there is a Market and thousands of enthusiasts just waiting for this, and unanimously ready to pay for an official Rafale in the DCS WORLD world!



we just started yesterday and already more than 700 joined ! 


would you be interested to join us and share it ? 

there is an English part inside the petition , and you can translate with google if needed . 




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4 hours ago, sushy73 said:

It's a sweet dream. But I'd  love to have it in DCS too as an official module.:worthy:


I think the OP meant it as an official module, dunno why they moved this to mods section

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Their was some talk when the French Air Force supported the Mirage module. I suspect it’s possible but would require the right players. Now that the F3 is standard and the F4 on the horizon, I don’t see why an F2 would be impossible.

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I'd like the Rafale M.  We need more carrier planes!  I know Crusaders and Rafales would never fly off the same carrier...but in DCS they could.  Could they let us have the Super Etendard, too?  Si'l vous plait?


I know the answer:

No, you English speaking pig-dogs.  You animal food-trough wipers.  No submarines, no planes.  Now go away!



Rafales and Hornets off the Nimitz, in Australian RAN markings!  🙂  And even Tomcats!  What could have been.

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