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Departure and Changes on the Horizon


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Good afternoon horde......erm I mean you beautiful conglomerate of individuals whom I love and appreciate so much.


It is with great sadness that As of Aug.1/ 2021 I will unfortunately have to step down and away from RAZBAM Simulations due to conflicting issues with my current employment. This step down is due to my work situation and not due to any issues with the community, RAZBAM team members or with ED team members. It is a situation directly out of my control so I want to make that very clear to everyone.


I would like to thank many many people but most important of all would be my colleagues at RAZBAM. Over the last few months they have opened up to new possibilities as well as adapting to rapid changes. From the onboarding of new members and the creation of new projects and team leads, the team has done a stellar job and it's disheartening to leave. If anything over these past few months I can say that my main goal was accomplished, leave RAZBAM better off than I came in and I hope you can all agree. 


It is however time for me to pass on the torch. Myhelljumper with be the interim CM while a replacement is found, but nothing other than that will change. The team is full steam ahead on our announced and secret projects, pushing the boundaries and inventing new things within the DCS world and we can all applaud that. Its been a blast, I'll still be here....hiding in the shadows. I kid. Thankyou, the community, for being patient and supportive with me an the team while things got shimmied around. RAZBAM wouldn't be here without all of your love and support. Continue to be kind and understanding to one another, help what and when you can because were all on this planet together so why not enjoy this simulator together

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Know and use all the capabilities in your airplane. If you don't, sooner or later, some guy who does use them all will kick your ass.


— Dave 'Preacher' Pace, USN.

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