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Hello everyone ; I come back to you with a new problem; So here it is when I aim with the camera from the operator's place, how I play with three screens; the middle of the aiming camera is found between my two first screens.

you might as well say that it is almost impossible to aim.

If anyone would have a solution.

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Same problem here.

If you know how to move the viggen radar or TV, I think you can do it here too.

At least as long as the procedure is the same or even possible?

Here is a possible solution:

It would also be about time to enable an ingame solution for moving such windows - let's hope that this will happen soon.

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I have posted the solution, well now well

I  recorded my first attempt therefore the playback is not quite clean

But that should help I think:



with these values you can adjust the position and size of the displayed image :


" x = XXXX ;
     y =  XXXX;
     width = XXXX;
     height = XXXX"

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