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Viper INS DED Coords Incorrect


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Whilst carrying out a cold start, inputting coordinates into the DED causes Westings to change to E026...... HSD looks ok, but HUD SP Diamonds are incorrectly placed.


Once airborne, inputting new coords causes a worse situation where HSD is incorrect too.


Edit: PG map takes Eastings and plots fine. No change to Coords


INS Issue.trk

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Doesnt seem to want to accepts a W116 or @115 coord in the F-16 steerpoint in the Nevada. 



It wont take this


N 37°27'3.16"   W 116°08'18.65"

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I was in Art of the Kill D#@ it!!!!

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The F16 uses Lat.Long.Decimal coordinates, not Lat.Long. You need to press ctrl + y (might be alt or shift) on the F10 map to change your coordinate system to Lat.Long.Decimal.


The coordinates should look like this:



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