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"create fast mission" not working with Mariannas.


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Tested with Mi-24P. Airborne/runway/ramp doesn't matter. "Generated: 0%" bar appears for splitsecond, then closes.

DCS Wishlist: 2K11 Krug SA-4 Ganef SAM, Stinger fix (broken since over 2 years), canopy 6DOF tracking-limit (deny head-through-canopy)

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 basic DCS-community rule-of-thumb: Don't believe bad things that a DCS pilot claims about another famous DCS pilot without having analyzed the existing evidence - that would only be bullheadedly

PvP: 125+ hours AV-8B VTOL, JF-17 AKG-A2A, royal dutch airforce F-16C, F-14 crew - PvP campaigns since 2013

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