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[REQUEST] Aussie Mi-24


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That looks really good. I'll probably make one. I did similar stuff in ARMA. It might take a while because i have to be in the right head space to do it.

Here's a couple of vehicles i've done



Does anyone know the location for installing the Mi-24 skins (steam version)?


blackfoot 3 20190812212647_1.jpg.b9daeadbb578ec5e216602f8841cc270.jpg

Mohawk 20190812212716_1copy.jpg.832758df08939614efa0774ebc7d39ad.jpg

tom cat 1 20190803110226_1.jpg.283a8048995e02e8f2c19637aea4fcb9.jpg

Tom cat 2 20190803110347_1.jpg.f8148378c261104b40e569257f3284d7.jpg

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