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Overcast 2, incorrect cloud base.

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Marianas map




Take-off from Anderson Field  06L


Cloud base set at 420 meters = 1300 feet ASL


Entered cloud base at 3300 feet ASL. Could see Rota Island 50 NM away.


Incorrect cloud base does not match weather settings.


Also, there should not be a moon glow through the clouds.



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6 hours ago, Flappie said:

Hi. Please attach a track or at least a mission showing the issue you're describing.




Track does not replay correctly. CC-101 in track replay does not follow original flight path, and aircraft eventually spirals into the ground. Tested both in VR and 2D.


Night flight, Marianas map, Overcast2, cloud base set at 420 meters.


On steep descent final from 5000 feet ASL for 24R Andersen Field, runway becomes visible at 4300 feet ASL. In weather settings for Overcast 2 with cloud set at 420 meters, the runway should not be visible until 1300 - 1400 feet ASL.


When climbing, start entering clouds at 3500 feet, and ground/water reflexion still visible until 4500 feet ASL. Should enter cloud at 1300 feet ASL, and ground/water reflexion should disappear no later than 1400 feet. Cloud density too thin. This happens very rarely in real life. In real life, visibility in cloud is very low, like a hundred feet, and density to the top of cloud layer should remain thick. 


Normal overcast sky should not let the moon glow shine through, especially when there are cloud layers above.


Despite some shortcomings, entering/climbing in clouds in version 2.5 was more realistic.



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