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Fighting at Night Impossible with 2.7

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edit: After I posted this I found some posts in non-Ka50 forums that indicated this was a known issue.  Sorry for the spam....


I tried to fly a night mission today, and there is simply no way to see in the dark.  For both the Skval and the NVG, no amount of adjustment will reveal any details in the dark areas of the scene outside the cockpit.  The NVG amplifies all of the lights including those in the cockpit, but the dark areas between the lights remain dark.  Turning off the interior lights and turning up the NVG brightness just makes all of the external (and some internal) lights brighter until the entire screen is washed out.  There is no way to turn down certain lights in the cockpit like the overhead panel indicators and the PVI Nav panel, and so those things get really bright and wash out everything.  The Skval screen and the Abris screen, when turned all the way down, still wash out the NVG if I try and turn it up a bit.  I tried peering around the HUD and looking out the window, but the reflections on the side windows get brighter and brighter, and the exterior lights get brighter and brighter, but the dark areas stay dark and featureless.  Same thing with the NVG off and the Skval.  I can adjust contrast and brightness so that some detail is visible in the external lighted areas, but the dark areas stay dark.  There does not seem to be any way to spot targets.  I'm not sure if this is a 2.7 issue, but I know I used the NVG in the past and I could see things in the darker areas outside the cockpit without getting overwhelmed with the interior lights.

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