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DCS starts and shuts down in a few seconds

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  Over the years I have had my share of problems with My PC.  When I look at the "Content I started" area, its hard to believe so many 
years and so many problems.    I cloned My 120 gig SSD C drive to a 1TB SSD, and somehow it changed DCSW from D drive to H drive
and the computer says H drive is in rubbish and would I like to empty.   It would take Me 7 days of 24/7 to DL everything I have
on that one SSD.   

  I run GUI updater and then try repair and clean and it does nothing, comes back with "File is not in Database".

I can open up the folder and see all of the files, but it wont let me copy to anywhere.

I am including a log, and hope that someone can please help Me.

  Clear Skies
    MikeDCSW log runs and shuts down.txt

repair wont work.jpg

DCSW log runs and shuts down.txt

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