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Subfolders not being created.. I'm feeling stupid


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Hi. Any help would be appreciated.


Seems like this must be a common issue as it's in the FAQ. But I can't seem to get things working. I'm running an up to date Win10 version.

I have a registered copy of VoiceAttack, which I'm running as Admin.

I've enabled plugin support.

I've copied the VIACOM folder into the path C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps\VAICOMPRO

I've also tried using the .msi installer for Viacom


When I run VoiceAttack nothing happens. There are no subfolders created. I've check windows defender settings and allowed VAICOMPROM through. I'm not running any of the noted conflicting modules in DCS. I do use SimShaker for Aviators.


I've been trouble shooting this for a day now and am feeling like an idiot. Any help would be really appreciated.




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Posted (edited)

Can you provide a screenshot of your "\VoiceAttack\Apps\VAICOMPRO " folder?

If you have done correctely it should contain one document folder and 2 files, like this:






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I tried an uninstall. Reboot. Repair DCS and then a reinstall. This time oddly, voice attack installed in the /program files/ folder rather than the /program files (x86)/ folder. 

I thought I may as well run with it and copied Viacom into the apps folder in that path and ... “voila”... VIACOM installed as advertised. 

I’ve yet to try it out. Hopefully the install path doesn’t matter too much. 

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The install path will be because you have the 64-bit version of VoiceAttack and not the 32-bit one (64-bit is new)

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