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TACVIEW only showing own unit and nothing else?? Help please :(

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Hey folks, sorry couldn't find a Tacview forum section. 


My tacview lately seems to only show my own unit on the replay and absolutely nothing else despite the mission having lots of stuff happening. And this seems to be the same for SP and MP tacks. I've also downloaded the latest Tacview 1.8.6 and still the same issue 😞 Any ideas? Used to work fine before! No idea what has changed. And this is irrespective of whether I have modded or no modded units in that mission. 

P.S. I realised that if I watch my mission track replay within DCS it generates a new track file that you can watch in tacview and that one works fine, but for some reason the original one does not 😞

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Bro go to the Mods and apps section there is a Tacview dedicated thread there that will have more help. 

Cheers, sorry I couldnt help. 

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