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Chaparral missile MIM 72G is considerably underperforming


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The MIM 72G missile (derived from the AIM-9D) used in the Chaparral SAM seems to be considerably underperforming:

- in DCS it has no proximity fuse, contrary to IRL.

- its acceleration and maneuvrability are very poor. It can't even turn fast enough to follow a plane flying at 1000m when fired almost vertically. Compare in game maneuverability with this video: https://youtu.be/WNmdB97-oBk?t=86 


Here are 2 tracks showing Chaparral needing to use a large number of missiles to shoot down a non maneuvering, non flaring M2000-C at 1000m altitude.


useless_chaparral.trk useless_chaparral_2.trk

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Thanks I do have a report open for the chaparral already, I will add this thread and data to it.


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