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F-15C - Some RADAR controls stop working on the stick

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  • 1 month later...

I seldom say this, but the programmers at Eagle Dynamics did a remarkable job with these two last updates (two if you are in Open Beta and one if you are in Alpha).

Most of the bugs which were plaguing the game for a very, very long time were finally addressed and corrected (apparently).

This is was one of those annoying bugs.

Congratulations! Very good work. Thank You very much!

For some reason though, it didn’t make into the Change Log list.

But that is of lesser importance.

One thing they list in the Change Log, concerning Flaming Cliffs by Eagle Dynamics, more precisely the Su-25T, was what they called the “Green blot”. I really don’t know how the HUD appears in real life Su-25Ts, but that “Green blot” to me added some realism. It didn’t cause that much problems, at least to me, perhaps because I used to dim the HUD when in low light conditions, until the “Green blot” disappeared. It worked perfectly and seemed very real.

Nevertheless; good work!

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