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Hornet fans, Why do you prefer the Hornet more than the Viper beside it being a more complete module?

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On 6/26/2021 at 7:08 AM, VpR81 said:

You won't regret!


Better in BVR, yes. Better in dogfighting? debatable... flown to it's strength, the Hornet is a beast in dogfighting and by far not an easy kill for other fighters. Send an AMRAAM at max range. Not to kill him (won't work anyways if he knows what he's doing) but to keep him busy and force him defensive. After your first shot, instantly dive for the deck and go cold. As soon as you defeated his missile (he WILL take the first shot), recommit, send another AMRAAM and go cold again. Doesen't matter if your missile has a chance to hit him, what matters is that he has something to think about. Drag him down to lower altitudes. You want him busy, defensive and maneuvering to bleed his energy. Repeat the complete procedure until his kinetic advantage is gone and you're entering WVR combat. Then beat him with your AOA authority. This is how it works for me, but it needs some patience.



Well that will work if he's by himself, like on the Quake servers, but against 2 or more team players who work together and know what theyre doing, if youre alone, best call it day in a hot aspect situation.

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10 hours ago, Mower said:

Well that will work if he's by himself, like on the Quake servers, but against 2 or more team players who work together and know what theyre doing, if youre alone, best call it day in a hot aspect situation.

True, that was my fault. I was assuming a 1 vs. 1 situation when i wrote that. Of course 1 vs. 2 respective 2 vs. 2 demand different tactics than 1 vs. 1, but this is also the case when facing an equal aircraft.

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On 6/24/2021 at 4:03 AM, Stearmandriver said:

Can't land the viper on a boat.  That's pretty much all the reason I need.  😉

Bingo! 😄 

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I like the Hornet because it was possible to create my own perfect cockpit re-texture for this plane, one which is not dirty, one which has a realistic used-look but is not looking completely worn-out, rusty, weathered and dirty and without having 50% of it`s paintjob already coming off. I love the clean yet realistic look of this cockpit.


And the Hornet has some awesome liveries for the outer 3D model - where else do we get flying werewolves and flying vampires? 😉


She is easy to fly and forgiving, has great formations-flight lights and good looks, and an interesting flight model almost as easy to fly as a hyperfast Cessna.

And she was my first plane.


(But I do not prefer the Hornet over my beloved F-16 - I like them both the same way, the F-16 Fighting Falcon has such a superb futuristic spaceship feeling with her golden full-glass canopy and that awesome uniquè fluffy seat, fantastic! But I also want a clean undamaged and new-looking cockpit version for the F-16.)


If someone wants to use my cockpit repaint, please send me a private message. I made half of the textures my own but half of the textures are used and modified from other modders and repainters here who made absolute great cockpit repaints, and that`s why I cannot upload it here.




Digital Combat Simulator 07.07.2021 18_21_44.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 07.07.2021 18_21_32.jpg

DCS 07.07.2021 15_37_50.jpg

DCS 07.07.2021 15_45_51.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 07.07.2021 18_22_03.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 07.07.2021 18_22_07.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 07.07.2021 18_22_14.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 07.07.2021 18_22_19.jpg

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I wiil answer the original question here. I work for over 25 years on f-18. so where are the switch, check. how to start engines, check. how to use most systems, check. Radar, flight controls, light, APU, seat, look and all ,,,,,, check. Simply, it was easy to learn to fly, land with , all the a/c stuff. I just need to learn the fighter  pilot stuff, not easy, but i know i started far from zero.


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MFD's and alpha. MFD's because I don't need a microscope to see them, alpha cause I don't have time to fool around with you chasing your own tail.


Edit: That said, I do like the maverick + GBU-97 spam of the viper.

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