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Aleatory crashes when respawming with the Tomcat

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I think this issue is known but I don't think it has enough visibility for ED, sadly.


I was hoping today's hotfix to contain at least some fix for the tomcat, either the over sweep wings bug (the carrier deck looks like a Stars wars movie if you have Tomcats there) or some stability patch for the crashes, but seems like this can take many months.


My frustration comes when I try to fly online with other people and we are constantly crashing in cascade after a respawn, it doesn't happens every time, but for every 3 respawns you surely will crash at least once, nobody want to fly the tomcat now and that makes me sad.


Hopefully we dont have to wait until the next big HB patch to see this issue alleviated, at least.


Looking forward to hear some good news.



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DCS The Tomcat still crashes DCS.exe when during 2nd or consecutive respawns (not always but very, very often)



PD: I already tried deleting all my missions, mods etc. just in case. Also fully repairing DCS, deleted and created a new "My saves games -  DCS" folder.... I tried, but the Tomcat still crashes during respawn. The F-18 for example, doesn't crash. help¿?

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It does not solve the problem but it helps reducing the number of crashes. What i do after dying or ejecting is changing view with F2 until another "human" player is shown, its important to avoid avoid IA planes or ground units . Before clicking the "Fly" button i wait 3-4 seconds. Im able to respawn most of the times, being able to play more than 100 rounds on dogfight servers without crashes.


Hope it helps!

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Will try that tonight in Mobettas DCS dogfight server … thanks 👍🏻

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