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Decided to install again the proper way.  So far, I did experience a FPS increase on the Syria Map.  Still more testing to do.


Edit:  Had to remove this driver as it was giving me a low FPS in multiplayer. Single player...no issues. I fly with the HP Reverb G2.

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Just flown a MP server mission and there is definitely an improvement! Very, very nice. Good work nVidia.

Now: Water-cooled Ryzen 5800X + 32GB DDR 4 3200 RAM + EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra 24 GB + Reverb G2 + Add-on PCI-e 3.1 card + 2x1TB Corsair M.2 4900/4200 + TM HOTAS Warthog + TM TPR Pendular Rudder  'Engaged Defensive' YouTube Channel

Modules: F/A-18C / AV-8B / F-16 / Persian Gulf / Syria / Nevada 

Backup: Water-cooled i7 6700K @ 4.5GHz + 32GB DDR4 3200MHz + GTX 1080 8GB + 1TB M.2 1k drive & 250GB SSD drive 500MBps 4K 40" monitor + TrackIR 5



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Weird.. installed 471.11 via a full DDU removal, restart and then install, took the Hind out on Cyprus, and while it was much smoother overall, I’m getting what I can only describe as a combination between screen tearing and projecting a 2nd frame when move my head fast in VR. Like a extremely fast flash of another frame when turning my head. Very minor stuttering at that point.

I have only Max Performance set on nVidia control panel. No other settings have changed since last GPU update.


No change between having OTT running or not.




Edit** redid the drivers a few times (DDU in safe mode), deleted FXO and metashaders2. Ran with VR Shaders mod on and off.. nothing changed. Pretty bad screen tearing.


Went back to 466.79 (hotfix driver) and tearing gone. Must be something with my 2070 Super and that driver.

They just don’t like each other.. weird..

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See, decide, attack, reverse -- Colonel Erich "Bubi" Hartmann


MSI Trident X 10th with 10700F, 2070 Super Ventus, 32 Gb DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD for OS, 1 TB 870 Evo SSD for DCS, Quest 2


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That is weird. I think so far that the 471.11 NV Driver is the best one that I have installed it seems like its alot smoother than the past few. Do you have your textures in NVidia CP on performance? I wonder if that would of help along with a GSYN setting. I tried to enable HAGS the other day and man it ran funky so I disabled it again, I thought maybe with the last few Windows updates that it could help in any way but it didn't. 

But hey if that drivers works ... fly with it ! 

ALIENWARE R11 - I9 10900KF @ 4.8-4.9 GHz - M.2 NVMe 2TB - RTX3090 NV Driver 496.76 - XFURY 64GB -3400 MHz RAM

Monitor AW3420DW @ 120Hz - TM Warthog Hotas & TPR Rudder pedals - Monstertech Deck Mounts - TrackerIR w/ProClip -HP G2 - Tacview

RealSimulator FSSB-R3 Lightning Base - F16SRGRH Stick - Open Beta 2.7

Start Date April 2020 - Callsign  " M a k o "


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Overall I like the new version. Except it added something called NVRLA that can kick in and eat 10 percent of your CPU and cause overheating. You can see it in task manager. I disabled framework to kill it. Doesn’t affect everyone but there was a lot of complaining in the NVIDIA forums. 

 i9 11900KF, RTX 3090 24GB G DDR6X, 1TB SSD, 64GB Dual Channel DDR4 XMP at 3400MHz, Reverb G2.

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