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Ode to the mighty Krokodil, that has carried off my heart!


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(screenshot blatantly cribbed from Damson)


Oh mighty Krokodil, chariot of satan himself,

You the chaddest of chad machines,

With your engines mighty whine and 

thwockathwocka at high A oh A.

Those mighty wings on high

with menacing swoop

Carrying doom for capitalist

and barbarian alike


Like a sniper with the gun

going blyat blyat blyat

or the sound of God's own fart

make all target in smoke disappear

and leave their mothers in fear.

All of the rockets snug in their pods

sing songs of Soviet glory as they race

to dig the imperialists' early grave.


Monster helicopter looking so mean

you have featured in many kids' dream

either of glorious service to motherland dear

or as a nightmares central fear.


I ❤️ my Hind, and in time I think it will ❤️ me back. Bally good show ED!

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  • schurem changed the title to Ode to the mighty Krokodil, that has carried off my heart!

I never imagined DCS and poetry overlapping but this is brilliant!

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Yeah I have to admit this is the best module I have bought in years.

I absolutely love the way she flies.

just went for a 2hr mooch up and down the kodori gorge and it was awesome.

landing at the little mountain villages and tanking along at 200mph. downhill

slaloming amongst the trees, following the road.

didn't think any helicopter would steal the place of my beloved Huey.

the mi-8, the ka-50 and the gazelle didn't.

but this one has..

And I haven't even used her weapons yet..

Bravo! Oh mighty krokodil!


I must just be a sucker for rotors that beat the air into submission.

My Rig: i7 4930k 4.5Ghz, 16GB DDR3 2400, 2x SSD, EVGA 1080 Superclocked, Warthog Throttle and Stick, MFG Crosswinds, Oculus Rift.

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