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Loiter command for AI pilot.


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After flying for a while today with petrovich as my pilot in the Hind and thinking about how our American equivalent could be, I imeadiatly noticed that it would be very handy to have a loiter command for him. I imagined it being a seperate flight mode for the pilot, as with the Mi-24s 2 different AI flight  modes. So you would choose the loiter mode, and designate the center of your orbit either as with selecting targets as a pilot in the hind, or maybe just with your TADS. After that you can select your IAS, altitude and loiter radius simmilar as with the AI flight mode in the hind. 


Since lots of us are going to solo the Apache, i see such a feature probably used quite a lot and it could be the key to utilize the Apache to its full potential when flying alone.

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