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My GAO-10 on the A10c II wont fire in missions.

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Hello you all, 

First off al i have to say what a great campaing so far, love to fly the A10c II in another campaing. 
Big complements to the Dev on this one. 

Now i have a problem, mu big gun on the A10c II (GAU-10) wont fire in mission, 
I have tryed everythink i know in my power to fix the problem, 
There is no light with gun fauld of anythink in my screen on the right, master arm, and PAC/GUN are all ON. 
Gun ready in green is on, but still the gun wont fire. 

By now you all will know that i am not a grat pilot, i dont know all the technical names of all the screens, i just like flying in my A10c and do campaings and missions. 
So please, iff anybody can help me.

there are a couple off missions ( SPOILER ALERT) where i get to here from whiplash that men died because of me, i hate that but it was because there was no gun.

Hopefully somebody can help me. 

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