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Upgrade or nah?

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Hi all.


Keep finding that this is the best place to ask for upgrade advice. So here it goes again, Thinking about another upgrade but I am abit unsure this time. 


So options.


1.) Should I upgrade the CPU from a 3700x to a 5800x,   

Or wait until zen 4 comes out. 


2. Upgrade the 1080 ti to a 3090 , (if the price gets back to "normal" and I can find one)


3. Just wait.. 




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Kevlon at the moment if your system is stable and running well. I would probably wait. Especially if your running 1440p@60hz or below.


I had a 3700x and went up to a 5600x, there was an improvement but nothing major. I also just upgraded from a 2080ti to a 6800xt as I put in a pre paid pre order months ago. Again there is a small improvement but again its not the leap I was hoping for. If anything I managed to scratch the upgrade itch. Unless your desperate for 4k or VR I would stick.


Unless you come across a sale or bargain that is. 

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Hi Kevlon,

I would say it depends on. I just upgraded from a i7 4790K to 5800X and did not see any difference. The reason is I´m running a triple screen setup (7680x1440), respectively it is my GPU which is the bottleneck. I knew this before but thought having DDR4 instead of DDR3 would bring a small benefit. Indeed I have better frametimes now. But I do not really see any major improvement.

My proposal is to use MSI Afterburner and check the utilization of your GPU. If it is not at 100% this is an indication that your CPU is limiting. If you are at 100% the GPU needs to be upgraded to see an advantage. I hope this makes sense for you.

I´m eagerly waiting for the GPU prices to drop.

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