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Budget Parttime Cockpit

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I have been playing flight sims all the way back when I was a single soldier with no bills sporting the DOS flight sims such as Aces Over the Pacific/Europe and Falcon. Back then I was quick to buy the new tech and I thought I had a good setup with 3dfx, Jane's, DI, DID, Microprose, and Thrustmaster. Yep, evem back in the days of Su-27 Flanker, 2.0, 2.5, ect. However, I never had a cockpit type of setup as I like playing with friends who always seem to like to play other games. My wife loves playing driving games so we finally got basic rasing sim setups with Playseat Evolution for Christmas. That had me wondering about getting trying the gearshift mount for my Warthog setup. That was until I realized that would be more than $200 for both chairs. That was until I stumbled across these....




These things are awesome! Drill a few holes and you have an adjustable throttle and joystick mounts for the price of a single Playseat Gearshift Mount. And I say adjustable so that you can even change between a center cycle or a side stick! When you are not flying, it is an easy removal. If you are cuious, I posted pictures in the review there on Amazon.

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