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Captive carry AIM-120

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Dunno if it has been asked before, but I know we have the captive carry AIM-9s currently in DCS... Can we in the future get captive carry AIM-120s? They basically would just be a reskinned missile, maybe with a slightly different 3D model to remove the rocket motor at the back and in regards to cockpit systems functionality? I'm not sure, I guess it would be like cuing the AIM-120 up like normal except it would never leave your rail as it has no rocket motor nor warhead. I don't know if IRL in sim mode on the master arm switch it would just simply simulate symbiology or if it could only be used at an instrumented range like NTTR for example.


But at least could we get the cosmetic 3D model and textures into DCS so we can load them onto our training aircraft for NTTR type flights as red or blue air?



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CATM-120 has into DCS Directories


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