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2.7 Clouds disappear when I reach them

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my first start on DCS2.7.1 (stable, no mods, FXO+Metashaders/2 new, latest nVidia drv for my RTX2080/intel 8700, no overclocking):


Caucasus FA-18C freeflight


the default quick start mission (freeflight) has a cloud layer at 40.000ft


in the track: the second time I climbed through them they faded away and stayed away after descending below 40k ft.


(Sometimes they fade away the first time I touch them and come back after descending, sometimes the stay away at the first time. Happens to me at NTTR freeflight and Caucasus ready on the ramp default quick missions too).


(time acceleration does not hurt this track replay)


anybody else experiencing this?


EDIT: this also happens to me with the highest thin cloud layer of the weather preset "Bewölkung 3" (Clouds 3? mine is German) that I am testing at the moment. all other/lower cloud layers are still visible.


EDIT2: cloud layer does not disappear while slewing through the layer with F11 free cam.




FA-18C 2.7 clouds disappear 01.trk

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I can reproduce this, yes.

Your mission has no clouds at all (preset "NOTHING"). As far as I know, this preset is a placeholder cloud setting used to replace pre-2.7 missions cloud settings. If you want prettier and more realistic clouds, use one of the presets: click on "Nothing" and make your choice.



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Posted (edited)

so, here is another track that shows exactly the same issue with the first of the cloud presets, which is not "nothing". Issue is there with the next preset too, with all of the 4 I've tested so far.


I needed 3 attempts in the track, so feel free to use time acceleration.


edit: happens to me on 2D monitor and VR (HP G2)



FA-18C 2.7 clouds disappear 02.trk

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I've tested it with all of the cloud presets (all types, but not every single sub-#) with time acceleration. In each test I needed 2 or 3 attempts to make the top layer dissapear. 100% reproducable on my side.

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Checked on our internal build it looks ok for me, the cloud base is noticeable when you pass through and are above it. 


The team are tweaking clouds so this maybe why.


thanks for the report. 

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18 hours ago, Flappie said:

Reproduced again. 👌

Here's a short clip of the result. I'll ask BIGNEWY to take a look.



Thanks for testing. But what I reported was something else. In your video the top layer is visible all the time. Beeing above it makes it harder but I can still see it.


Both of my tracks show a different behaviour on my end. (And all other test with all different weather preset show the same here:)


After climbing and descending through the thin top layer it disappears completely (it takes 2-3 climbs/descends for that) and then it is gone. It is not that is is hard to see. It is not there anymore.


Do you see something else on your system at the end of my tracks?


Here are two screenshots from the same track (my 2nd track from above) at the same altitude:


(All I did between pic1 and pic2 was 3x climbs and 3x descents through that cloud layer.)

(EDIT: plz remeber: I can slew 100x through those layers with the F11 free cam and they don't disappear)

Digital Combat Simulator 14.06.2021 18_10_18.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 14.06.2021 18_09_33.jpg

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