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Hi together,


I lately have a crash on reconnaissance but want to achieve it in 80s style without TGP, or other too fancy stuff.


I build a mission on the Syria map with kind of the worst case scenario:

Some SCUD randomly placed in the vicinty of military bases but still remote.

I used the Viggen, Hornet and Harrier out of Kirjat Shmona and placed three groups of 4 SCUDs each arround damascus, close to the military airfields but not on them and also outside of vilages.


I first tried to find the targets with the Hornet EXP modes and have to say, holy nutttts, it's not easy.

My experience with the Viggen A-G radar is quite good I would say, and I found them really fast with Viggen.


And here is the problem, if it is one. I found the Hornets radar performance very convincing with getting also a lot of returns from towns, etc.

The viggen however in LIN mode and between 1/4 and 1/3 of gain shows very clear returns from the targets without beeing cramped with other returns of nearby villages, and to the stories of pilots I know, that doesn't sound realistic.


I know that in the 80s they really used photo recon for this, but we don't have such a thing in DCS (...yet...hopefully)

How does Heatblur see this issue? Are you guy's waiting for a new API or Vulcan or something or is that topic counted as finsihed as is.


Feels kind of strange to me, A-G radar performace maybe to good, ELINT feels to weak (from the knowledge I have about equal systems)


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Wish list: late DCS: GR.1 (with GR.1B) Tornado, Improved Combined Arms (like OFP/ArmA I/ArmA II), Improved Logistics

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