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Terrible unbalance affecting Redforce doctrine.

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ECM is not implemented inside 50km range, but Blueforce Air-Air missiles keep receiving improvements to work nicely inside that range. 


Red Air defenses are not properly simulated. They keep Search radars ON to make the job easy to the new modules, exposing their position quickly to the new Blueforce fighters, even when the Air defenses could be with an EWR in his group, or they have in real life passive optical sensors. doesn't matter, they want to be radar ON all the time.


We don't get GCI and is not any announcement made by the management of this simulator until date about this important feature. So seem not to be even in plan. This case affect directly to Mig-21, Mig-23 and Mig-29A and S, 9.12 and  9.13 versions were still intended to be operated in a GCI radar network.


Not seem to be the same case for some Blueforce counterpart. As Aim-7M have been improved and they even added a new version Aim-7MH closer to the in game R-27ER performance, Or Blueforce Hawk air defense system have been improved to launch to a 40km range and not even medium altitude, just against 2000m target our new Hawk missiles actually have almost the same range of S-300 in game. Basically our new Hawk is a long range Air-defense vs the rest of all Redforce SAMs still waiting for improvements.


They bring to the Sim missiles those not yet even have 10 years full operational as Aim-9X and at the other hand the R-27P (passive anti-radiation A-A missiles) already announced by official military statements that this missiles have been operational for long and is actually offer for export as the exporter company officially announce in his page: Production (ktrv.ru) 


Russian Artillery MLRS cause enormous lag in a multiplayer game, so nobody use them. Not a word about improvements on that. 


All have been mentioned above have nothing to do with politic restrictions and they keep telling everywhere that the problem is about politic and secret information restrictions. 







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There is a lot to unpack in your post.


ECM is one thing ED doesn't do well no matter what side it is.  They know this.  But getting actual ECM data from any nation, even going back as far as 50 years is nearly impossible.




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Nothing much you can do about the very basic GCI present.


I do understand the frustrations. 99% of multiplayer servers don't give Redfor enough advantage to even

out the technology difference. Mission makers put the same amount of stuff on both sides and that is fine if the goal is to have a Bluefor advantage at mission start.  

If you want a fair fight against more advanced Bluefor tech you have to create it yourself. Building missions with Redfor having a tactical advantage and better
unit composition against Bluefor.  

SAM behaviour and jamming of SAM sites can be improved by using Skynet-IADS avalible here: https://github.com/walder/Skynet-IADS

Modern Redfor SAM's avalible here: https://github.com/Auranis/HighDigitSAMs


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On 6/13/2021 at 9:34 AM, Cmptohocah said:

Not really true, as it's described in detail quite nicely in this 1962 USAF video 


I am not talking about generalized information briefs like that.  I am talking about hard facts on what their capabilities are.  

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The hard facts are that in DCS, the F-14, F-16 and F-18 are entirely immune to jamming. The F-18 has a nice little J that comes up when you ECM on, yet its missiles track perfectly and the lock cant be broken.


Meanwhile, try to hold a lock on an aircraft flashing the jammer in su-27. Good luck. This means bluefor is entirely immune to redfor missiles until 43km. Which is the moment the AIM-120C hits (or even past that), and way past the moment the AIM-54s will hit you.


The FC3 F-15 is also affected btw.

When ED reworks russian missiles:

(April 2021 update)

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6 hours ago, Max1mus said:

The hard facts are that in DCS, the F-14, F-16 and F-18 are entirely immune to jamming.

Is this still the case? For some reason, I was under the impression that this was fixed 😕

Cmptohocah=CMPTOHOCAH 😉

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