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Jettison center tank? Jettison smoke pods?

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Hi.  I know how to jettison all three fuel tanks.  I know how to jettison my wing tanks, leaving my center tank.  But I have two questions regarding the DCS f15c in flight:

1.  Is there a way to jettison my center tank, leaving my wing tanks?
2.  Is there a way to jettison smoke pods?
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No to #1 (at least in DCS), IDK about #2

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Smokewinders act as a weapon so Jettison Stores command should get rid of these.


There's no selective jettison implemented with FC3 jets so bear in mind you'll lose all the missiles too.


How do you manage to jettison wing tanks seperately from a centerline?! Did not know this was possible cause when I JFT all 3 come off simultaneously. 


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