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F-15C Screamin’ Demons

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Hey guys, I am TK, I go by Lucky and I run this virtual Fighter Squadron. I was an Air Force pilot and have time in the T-37, T-38, T-6, and F-16. I served my time mainly as a T-6 Instructor Pilot. I am also a CFII, MEI, and Captain for a major airline. 

I started this unit because I quickly found out that there just wasn't many resources, guides, or training for the F-15C...in respect to the full fidelity modules (for obvious reasons). I wanted to train others and also find like-minded F-15C enthusiasts to fly formation with.


As a commercial Captain I obviously am not flying in DCS every night, but I found that as an instructor I can F2 view or observe a screen share and still stay active.


I'm looking forward to meeting other Eagle enthusiasts and building a community of DCS F-15C pilots.


Join us on discord here:



I am also available to answer any questions for anyone interested in becoming an actual pilot in the US. 

This is a US based, english speaking Squadron operating mainly between 2000ET and 0200ET. 

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