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Hi. I am writing because I had an idea for new areas in Dcs World. So it's all about contributing your terrain tools to Dcs World, and the community is going to help you build them. In my opinion, it would be fun to fly over your own home or city. where did this idea come from? I played and play the game Silent Hunter 5. At first the game was terrible, but now, years later, thanks to the community, it's a completely different game. I felt the role of the captain of a submarine so much that I felt a salty taste in my mouth and when it was outside the temperature of about 25 degrees, it was just cold at home. So thanks to the community, you can transform the game into something else. I believe it's worth a try. Lots of people will do a good job for free or for little money. I'm love Dcs World because I've always wanted to be a pilot. The city where I live and the community is closely related to aviation. There is no shortage of flying and aviation enthusiasts here. Unfortunately, we already have a closed airport, 54.12753208281698, 20.093526434588092, but often guys from Królewo Malborskie (54.026400960326285, 19.13451784209808) come to us and I can admire what they are doing on Mig-29, which I made a few skins for Dcs World. Think about it. Maybe it's worth using community help. Greetings.

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