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Level 5 pipper shows wrong or unrealistic amount of lead

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As my post was not moved to the bug section, I have to start a new thread about it here. Sorry for the double post.

Original post was in the general F16 Forum:


Trackfile for this video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iibpqwjmknsvyzb/mobettameta's Dogfight Arena v1.20-20210520-002317 gun pipper1.trk?dl=0

This happens at 26:50 min in the track file (counting from track file start) The level 5 pipper drifts away, goes crazy, then disappears.



Trackfile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/939hdy5eci9vhmk/mobettameta's Dogfight Arena v1.21-20210522-162239 gun pipper3.trk?dl=0

Happens at 4:54 mins in the track file.

The level 5 gun pipper behaves normal before and after second 23 in the video.

But if you check second 23 you see the bandit pulls maybe 3 or 4 G but the pipper goes crazy, like it wants to lead for 20 G. The bandit is another F16. So he cant paddle or do anything to cheat by over g-ing. Hence he can pull just 9 Gs but the pipper falls way below the minus symbol which stands for a target manovering with 9Gs.


These are not just 2 exceptions where the pipper fails. I have couple more of these, but the ones I posted are the most obvious ones that something seems to be off.

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Hi, sadly the track replay will not cooperate, it does not play back correctly as it is so large. 

I will ask the team about this issue however



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