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No spoilers


mission two went really well until I got a case of the stupids on the way back to base and promptly took an 88 smack in the face.  But first, how we got there


From the start, this mission was an improvement in my ability to taxi and stay behind my lead ( and not get bulldozed by the AI like in the past!), with a cleaner take off and formed up in formation a lot faster.  Unlike mission 1 where I was all over the place, I pretty much stayed in formation for most of the mission until the action happens.

As long as the flight is, I am seeing improvement in my piloting!  Really appreciate it.


didn’t get any kills but stayed a lot closer to my wingman this time.


so, on to the stupid part:


on the way home, near the coast and  I saw enemy units on the ground.  Stupidly I thought they may be trucks or other soft targets and dove in to machine gun them.


imagine my surprise when I realized that I just took an 88 in the cockpit, and was pretty much KIA.  Got to the water and crashed.


don’t be like me, make sure you know what you are diving onto before you dive!


I get to repeat the mission this week, and this campaign is so fun that I am looking forward to it!

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Thanks for sharing your story! If you check your kneeboard map, the orange circles are known flak areas. Enter them with caution.  Either down at treetop level or above 10-15k feet. In between it’s suicide. Oh, and try not to fly straight and level for too long. 

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