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TIGER MEET will be on 17/06/2021 UTC:18.00 ITALY


Mission is a Dynamic Campaing, the theater will be in Sirya and Side is Blue or Red on modern age. There are only full fedelity module.
So the mission will restart   3 time to conquer all side of Sirya.  
The day establisch is 17/06 - 24/06 - End01/07.
Breafing and map is avable on our Discord : https://discord.gg/zBzfMckyDX
Site: https://vsroberst.wixsite.com/2rgt/tigermeet

Results session:
The result and tacwiev will be posted on our DISCORD: https://discord.gg/zBzfMckyDX



There will be no prizes. We fly for PASSION


The signups will close on 15/06 1800z.

Limit of avable slots for side is 

RED 15

Sign up with the following format: Squad name, Pilot name, Timezone,
Side; if there are many  members of any squadrons, 
you will be able to create a single post.


Squadron: 2RGT 
Pilot: Steackhouse

Side: RED
Timezone: 1800z-2200z


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