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CCRP in the Su-25 IRL

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Does anyone know if the Su-25A is able to use CCRP laser targeting for unguided munitions in real life? I'm not talking about pulling the trigger and waiting for weapons to be released (would like to know if it can actually do this too), but I mean the ability to slew the laser around and designate a point similar to how the laser-guided weapons function.


The reason I ask is because I find the way CCRP currently works to be glitchy and unpredictable.

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Its most likely just using the LRF in a fixed mode to generate a release solution based on the bombing triangle. I.e. point laser at target and keep it there give consent and it drops the bombs when parameters are met. I would assume it might have a manual backup mode where you dial in the target elevation/QNH and use baro-alt to do it as well, but thats not modeled in FC3, and would be harder to use anyway.

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