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So I seem to be having a problem with A2G Gun. Whenever I dive or lower the nose to line up on the target the gun does not fire when the trigger is pressed.


Once out of the attach run and nose level the gun will fire when I press the trigger.


I have played with the Alt Max / Min with no success. 


Am I missing something? I have had the Harrier for a while and don't recall this being an issue.


Any assistance is welcome. I can upload a track file tomorrow.

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40 minutes ago, USAF-Falcon87 said:

You have to have the throttle up for it to fire. I forget the exact RPM number (around 70% maybe), but push throttle up and it will work.


(I had the same problem when they made that change!)

This is correct. You have to make gun runs throttled up as the gun is actuated with bleed air from the engine. Same here I don't know the exact RPM but it is definitely in the min 70-80% range.

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The gun requires 60 PSI pressure, and depending your altitude and Mach you need for required RPM. 


Example at Mach 0.9 at 1000 ft you have 60 RPM requirement, but at 15 000 ft at Mach 0.5 you need 80% RPM but at Mach 0.7 you need again just 70% RPM.

Slower you fly and higher then higher RPM is required.


So example for a gun attack at 25 000 ft one needs to run 90% RPM up to Mach 0.7 speed, going faster and you need only 80% RPM.

So one can not shoot cannon at high at slow targets as high RPM is required and it means you start accelerate. 

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