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Wildcats Recruitment. European Time Zone.

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Wildcats Recruitment:


Thank you for your interest in The Wildcats!

EDIT:  2 June, 2021.  We are currently looking for Viper Pilots and REDFOR pilots.  If you are interested, please stop by our Discord, we want to talk to you!  We are also looking at individuals for future squadron leaders.  If this interests  you and you are willing to put in the time and effort to make fun for others, we want to speak to you too!


Wildcats has been an active European based group within the DCS community for years. We strive for Military Realism in both our training and our missions, all while keeping a casual atmosphere. Right now, we support the 18 and the 16, however we are looking to expand into other modules to include choppers and FC3 aircraft of this coming year.  We run a squadron format with any module we support or will be supporting.


Individual modules such as the 18, the 16, etc are assigned to various squadrons under the leadership of capable, veteran DCS pilots. Currently we only support the 16 and the 18 in this way but are looking to open that up and expand this year. Right now we run the current Open Beta version of the sim.


The core of Wildcats remains our philosophy of inclusion. Our trainings and missions integrate all of the airframes we support via the Liberation Campaign.  Airframes are assigned roles based on their ability to conduct various tasks within the role they are designed to play.


We all have Real Lives. We get that! Real life always comes first within Wildcats. With that said, the European community is underserved in the DCS world. That is where we come in. We are a European GMT based DCS World group. However, we have pilots from all over the world with us. Our flight times are generally 1900/1930 GMT.


For those interested in a Mil-Sim environment with casual elements, look no further. We offer you the following:


- GMT Based flight times


- Multiple Servers


- Training on any given module we currently support from Zero to Mission Ready

- Discord


- A full featured website (WIP)


- Fully featured forums 


- A Calendar System for training and mission planning (WIP)


- Wildcat themed aircraft skins


- Multiple mission designs to keep things fresh


- A Military Simulation minded group who likes to keep the fun in our hobby


What are we looking for? We are looking for the following, dedicated individuals to join us and help make the DCS community overall even better:


- Mission Makers familiar with all forms of scripting within DCS (Moose, etc)


- Experienced and well qualified pilots to interview for CO and XO positions within

   Squadrons for various air frames.


- Inexperienced pilots looking for a place to call home, who will be dedicated not only to

   learning, expanding and become an asset to the community overall, but who will also

   remain dedicated to the group


- Individuals familiar with the DCS aircraft skinning process


- Individuals familiar with creating DCS themed videos


- Individuals who are familiar with ATC/AWACS/LSO etc to fill the roles of Controllers/LSO

   for various mission using LOTAC and in game elements.

- Individuals who are interested in flying RED Airframes for a red based squadron who will be used within missions as ''real pilot'' aggressors VS        using AI.


What can you expect from the Wildcats? You can expect dedication to you as a pilot and member of Wildcats. You can expect to be taught your module of choice inside and out to help you become one of the best pilots in a given plane within the community. You will be taught the correct, military minded way of flying with all proper procedures, communications and systems in a casual, mil-sim minded environment. You can expect to be treated fairly, impartially and with respect at all times, regardless of your race, gender, orientation, religion ect.


What do we expect in return? Dedication. Not only to yourself and the learning of your given module, but to the group as a whole. It takes a lot of time for people to make missions, schedule training, missions, etc.


We expect you to return the favor and be ‘’present’’. As stated above we understand people have real lives and that this is just a hobby. Our philosophy has always been real life comes first. But we do have a 3 strike rule. Stay in contact with us and keep us up to date on what is happening with you. Failure to do so after 3 consecutive missed sessions will result in your removal from the group. Its simple, just communicate!


We also require you own the following maps:


- Persian Gulf Map


- The Syria Map


- Any other maps released in the future.  While we do not require any of the WWII assets (Maps etc...) we do have WWII nights once every month or two, and they are quite fun.  It's nice to mix things up once in a while.  


With that said, there must be some form of dedication on your part as a member of the group. You WILL be expected to not only be present for training and/or missions at least twice a month – if you have something come up, just let us know! No one wants to waste time on folks who cannot take the time to return the favor.


You will also be expected to show improvement. This means you will have to take the time to learn things in single player and not only when flying online with the group. Things like Refueling take a lot of practice and cannot be mastered a few hours online a month alone. You will need to practice outside of the group on your own time to get better.


If this is something you are interested in, please, come join us and let’s have a chat!






We look forward to meeting you!


The Wildcats Staff

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