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Stream Deck - altimeter setting in inHg and hPa

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ATC people in DCS always give you QNH in inches Hg, while many "metric" aircraft use hPa instead.

You may squander one of your Stream Deck's buttons to have a "live calculator", which always shows your altimeter's current setting both in hPa and inHg.

When the guy/gal tells you "altimeter 29.63" you just turn the knob in the cockpit and look at the Stream Deck until it reads 29.63.

Once you're finished, the altimeter setting window in the cockpit will read 1003.4 hPa (which is 29.63 inHg).

No need for calculators, conversion tables etc.

See the picture.
Another advantage (a side effect, actually) is that in some A/C you can't read the setting as the digits are so minute, so the Stream Deck gives an enlarged version.



Use New StreamDeck Plugin by @ctytler

Add to the export script for your plane something like below (CAUTION: This is just an example which works in the Spit! For other aircraft you need to modify it accordingly.).

function ExportScript.ProcessIkarusDCSConfigHighImportance(mainPanelDevice)
local hpa = 800 + 250 * mainPanelDevice:get_argument_value(29)
    string.format("%.1f", hpa) -- altimeter setting in hPa...
    .. "\n"
    .. string.format("%.2f", 29.92 * hpa / 1013.25) -- ... and in inHg


Then assign it in Stream Deck as in the picture below. The very picture shows how it looks on the real button.




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