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Auto Waypoint Increment?

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New to F/A-18 here.

Trying to get the active waypoint to advance automatically when I fly past or use autopilot CPL.

The AUTO button on HSI will not select for me like the guide and Wag's video show.

I have googled but don't see any discussion of it not working or common user mistakes.

What am I doing wrong?

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You need to define sequence of waypoints. If you place WPTs in mission editor AUTO should work (I can't remember if you should be in sequence mode or not). But if you enter WPTs manually you need to define sequence in HSI > DATA > UFCSEQ (or similar in bottom left corner) > add WPTs you want to have in sequence.

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Thanks for replying.  I'm referring to ready made missions both bundled with the F18 and user made ones I've down loaded.

The waypoints already appear in sequence, the SEQI button shows lines connecting them. CPL steers toward the current one.

If I don't advance with UP arrow button, the aircraft will reach waypoint then steer in circles.

Just can't get AUTO to box.

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On 6/8/2021 at 5:55 PM, emibat said:

As I remember, press AUTO button before CPL autopilot

Thanks. That was it. Surprised I didn't notice when attempting auto with manual flight.

I do notice it's a bit finicky and can turn itself off if it doesn't thing the sequence is perfect.

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