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P-47D AI Engine fails after 5 minutes of Air Combat without Battle Damage

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When I fly the FW-190D or Bf-109K against the P-47D AI, I find that the Jug's engine typically dies after about 4 minutes of air combat even if it has not taken any hits. This cannot be right. I have tried against the D-30, D-30 Early and -D40, it's always the same.

I attach a track where the engine dies after about 4 minutes of air combat. I did not fire my guns at all.

Note: I have had sessions where this engine failure did not occur. But most of the time I can reproduce it.

P-47-D40 AI Engine Fails Again 20210605.trk


Windows 10 Pro 64Bit | i7-4790 CPU |16 GB RAM|SSD System Disk|SSD Gaming Disk| MSI GTX-1080 Gaming 8 GB| Acer XB270HU | TM Warthog HOTAS | VKB Gladiator Pro | MongoosT-50 | MFG Crosswind Pedals | TrackIR 5

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