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Mission 09 : Mission ends when I hold short

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As I'm tired to be stuck in campaign progress (Mission 7 2 times on 3, nothing happens on WP2. Mission 8 : same but 100%) I copied all the MIZ

files in the mission directory so I can choose any mission I want and I tried mission 9 twice. 


Both times, the mission ended when I hold short on 03L as fragged (pressed space). The simulation stopped and went automatically on debriefing panel which  is something I never experienced before on DCS : usually, whatever happens, you have to press ESC + Quit.


So I'm almost stuck on Mirage 2000 Red Flag campaign (I still can try mission 10, 11, ...) and F/A-18 Operation Pontus campaign where SAM don't engage ... a very frustating rainy week-end.

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Hi Falken,


Which DCS version are you operating ?

On current open beta, I can not reproduce your issue.


When I flew this mission few days ago, I had an issue with Rocket1. He stopped taxi and would never take off.

So basically, I was stuck forever holding short of runway 03L..

Work around procedure :

Start up your aircraft as fragged, then wait until time 44, to request your taxi clearance.

Rocket1 should now take off, just before you reached holding point rwy 03L.




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Thank you for your answer. I'm operating 2.7. version. I red a post on this thread about this problem of Rocket not taking-off or not even taxiing, and the workaround. My problem seems different. I made a third attempt. Waited for Rocket to taxi, and let him rolling at least 30 seconds. While he was taxiing, I started to taxi, and the mission terminated again while I was taxiing, not holding short, so "sooner". I mean not at the same point in space, but maybe the same point in time. I think maybe it was when the 2nd Mirage element started taxiing. Not sure. 


As I said, what is strange, is that the mission ends, and you are sent out of the simulation to the debrief panel. This usually never happens, whenever you have mission succes, mission failed, you die, you land, ... or whatever.


Maybe I will try a 4th attempt waiting for rocket to t/o. But you know what it is. Have a job, a wife and kids. My wife already complains I spend too much time playing with my toy, so I prefer enjoy flying missions than testing DCS bugs : starting up, taxiing, and ... boom, game over.

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I am really sorry about these problems guys, the Red Flag seems to be broken pretty bad in 2.7.. the worst thing is I can’t find a way to fix to quite a few problems and need to work with ED on them. I will try to fly the whole campaign in the coming weeks and have it fixed as much as possible before the summer, but I am not sure it will be doable. I will keep you posted. 

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