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[REPORTED] HUD Steering Incorrect


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From the NFM-000




"The WYPT option is boxed (see Figure 23-27) and the bug (heading marker) on the heading scale indicates relative bearing to the waypoint or mark. The bug is wind corrected."


The heading bug is currently not wind corrected and is just simply pointing in the direction the waypoint is at. It should instead be showing the heading you need to fly such that the course intercepts the waypoint.

Digital Combat Simulator  Black Shark Screenshot 2021.05.23 -

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I think the wind is not implemented to harrier if* the ARBS doesn't have wind and moving target corrected calculation to weapon release. So you wouldn't have either then the navigation bug to be corrected for wind.


*) Don't know what is current status of moving target correction.

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45 minutes ago, tea_cypher said:

So we have any kind of evidence that it should be wind corrected?


I mean, the original poster gave his source: NFM-000. So yeah we have evidence that it should be.

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Here's an IRL video that shows how it should work, and the importance of having the bug be wind corrected especially in IFR conditions:




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On 10/29/2021 at 1:23 AM, AlphaJuliet said:


This should be fixed, if not give me a head's up.



I think I'm still seeing this, look at the offset of the heading caret relative to the waypoint steering cue, and then look at how the ground track is aligned with the waypoint on the EHSD.


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