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Get to radio checks and these dont work.

Ive done Red Flag twice successfullly before, and the training, so know these should work...they dont?


[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]i7 Haswell @ 4.6Ghz, Z97p, GTX1080, 32GB DDR3, x3SSD, Win7/64, professional. 32" BenQ, TIR 5, Saitek x55 HOTAS.

Search User Files for "herky" for my uploaded missions. My flight sim videos on You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/user/David Herky

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Which training mission is this? I don't think any of the training missions have the radio check in. I just did the M02 campaign mission "expect the unexpected" and check in was functional. The prompt hint text comes up when red radio is powered so there are a few ways to do it but I did:


Request ground power ON

Battery ON

Green radio ON

Red radio ON


"Ask the crew chief to connect Ground Power. Switch both radios to channel 1 and pres SPACE BAR when you are ready for radio check."


Set green to ch. 1




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