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Need advice on choosing peripherals

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Currently I'm using a thrustmaster t1600, have the chance to upgrade my stuff. 

Can't decide between staying with the current stick and buying a virpil throttle, or 

Buying the thrustmaster twcs throttle and upgrading to a virpil/vkb stick. 

For pedals I want the crosswinds. 


Pls help. 


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i have the TM Warhoug with some litte upgrades, love it. Also using the Corsswinds, same here.

With Virpil you cant do something wrong, very good quality. VKB must be also good, didnt have one in my hand till now.

I would using the Virpil Throttle and an Virpil stick, that way you are prepared for most of the Modules you can buy for DCS 🙂



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Same what Grennymaster said. Got recently Virpil WarBRD base with F-14 grip and absolutely love it in compared to TM Warthog stick base. There is no more center play friction and stick deflection is smooth as silk over center compared to Warthog. Don't get me wrong, I love Warthog HOTAS as I used it as my entry into DCS and I think Warthog Throttle is one of best. Just Virpil/VKB bases with real gimbal is next level in sticks. TM Warthog / Hornet grips are bit better in quality and materials in my opinion and mate them with Virpil base is ultimate solution for me.


As bonus you can use your Warthog grip with Virpil base so you only need buy WarBRD base and done. I will keep Warthog Throttle as it is great. VKB is not compatible with TM grips out of box and you need extra adapter. Also with Virpil WarBRD base I recommend get their 5cm extenison if you plan use it with table or other mount to have stick between legs. For desktop usage you can go without extension.


All this is just my personal preference, your mileage can vary.

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So I run a bunch of stuff. IMO the TM stuff is pretty basic, especially the base if you run an extension. For my setup I use a TM cougar (for most of my single throttle planes), and then the VKB-mongoose. Frankly all my Virpil stuff has been trouble free, can't say the same for VKB, and especially not TM, TM is "ok" on a good day. The other contender might be Winwing, which has also been totally trouble free.


New hotness: I7 9700k 4.8ghz, 32gb ddr4, 2080ti, :joystick: TM Warthog. TrackIR, HP Reverb (formermly CV1)

Old-N-busted: i7 4720HQ ~3.5GHZ, +32GB DDR3 + Nvidia GTX980m (4GB VRAM) :joystick: TM Warthog. TrackIR, Rift CV1 (yes really).

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